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Technology can be overwhelming for many people, especially with so many options. However, it does not need to be so complicated, a home automation company can help you sort it all out. The technology is there to be used, so let it make your life simpler rather than more frustrating. There are so many options for automation in your home outside of Google Home or Alexa. These products can often be combined with other technology to maximize your voice control abilities, if that is what you desire. But, how do you go about doing this, and how do you ensure that it is something you can afford?


Well the first step is to know both your budget and your max budget. Why two budgets you ask? We all know that construction projects almost always go over budget: things get delayed, products are backordered, the tradespeople find surprises they were not expecting and so on. Having a budget of what you would like to spend and a budget of what you cannot go over ensures that you are prepared for any hidden surprises along the way. (Though we do always try to avoid those) 

Your budget should be realistic for what you are looking to have completed. It is absolutely possible to automate your home in an affordable way BUT affordable means different things to everyone. If your budget is $5000, you cannot design and build a brand new theatre room with an 80″ television and top of the line surround sound. You likely can however, install a television and a moderately priced sound system. We will still ensure that it looks amazing but your budget does determine what you can do to a certain extent. 

It is about knowing what is reasonable and what is impossible and remembering that you get what you pay for. In other words, the company who quotes the lowest cost may not provide you with the best system. So, how do you choose the right home automation company? 

Choosing the right installers

Ensure that you do your research. Check their google reviews, find out which brands they use and if they are reputable brands and determine how long they have been in business. In other words, do they know what they are doing

From there you want to ensure you are asking the right questions. What is it specifically that you want? Do they have specific products inHome Automation mind for what you are looking for? How long do they anticipate the job taking? What are some potential concerns about the project? Of course you will need to ask a few companies these questions and you will want to gauge where the answers fall. Too cheap or too quick and it is unlikely to be a good system, too expensive or too long and it is possible they are price gouging you. It is important to go with someone you can trust, so you could even ask your friends for referrals to different companies. 

Be Flexible

Part of asking the right questions includes knowing what you want. However if you are too rigid or specific then you may miss out on the experts being able to design the best system possible for you. For that reason, it is important to be open to changes and suggestions. Afterall, you hired someone who has made this their career, they should know more about the products than you can learn from a google search.

Photographs credit to Martin Knowles Photography

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